New Vendor for Credit Card Payments Lowers Fees for Customers

Dec 15, 2014

Effective December 29, 2014, OUC is switching from Western Union SpeedPay to a new third party vendor – KUBRA – to provide credit card processing services through myOUC and Pay by Phone.

For both residential and commercial customers, the fee per credit card transaction will drop by two dollars – from $5.75 to $3.75. However, because of the evolution of banking practices, the credit card cap for residential customers will be lowered to $1,000 based on a rolling 28-day period. The cap for commercial customers (also based on a rolling 28-day period) will be lowered to $10,000.

In addition, prior credit card data will not be transferred to the new vendor. Customers will need to resubmit their information when they make their first credit card payment.

These lower caps and the 28-day window may change the way some customers pay their utility bill. For example, a late credit card payment may prevent a customer from using a credit card to pay their next bill if it falls within 28-days. Or, if the amount owed is greater than the cap ($1,000 residential, $10,000 commercial) over the same 28-day period, paying the total utility bill by credit card will not be an option.

OUC offers many other convenient payment options such as eCheck that are either free or carry a small fee.  Find out more here.

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