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What is Delegated Authority?

With Delegated Authority, OUC's business customers can assign permissions to multiple users to complete self-service activities. This allows delegators to assign delegate permissions, track actions and easily add and remove delegates.

Why Should I Use It?

OUC understands that various members of your team have specialized responsibilities. Based on customer feedback, we developed Delegated Authority as a way to grant various levels of access to team members, allowing them to perform account activities without sharing a single log-in. With Delegated Authority, you can assign bill payment to your Accounting team, outage reporting to your Facilities team, and start/stop access to your Property Management team — the power is in your hands.

Features Include:

You can Invite any number of people to become delegates on your account and set their account privileges. Invitations can also be managed, allowing you to send and delete invitations as needed.

It’s easy to update delegates’ privileges and assign delegates to new accounts. This feature provides the Delegator with all the necessary tools to view access privileges in multiple ways - either by Account or by Delegate.

If one of your delegates should no longer need access to your account, you can easily delete them from the system.

This dashboard gives you a simple platform to review your delegates’ activity on your account.

Access Your Account

How Do I Get Started?

Log into your myOUC Online Profile and click the Delegated Authority link in the left navigation. You will be asked to create an Access ID. Once set, you are ready to begin inviting delegates. Once accepted, your delegates are ready to begin using the access privileges you have assigned to them.

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