Florida Friendly Landscaping Rebate Form


  1. Reclaimed water does not qualify for this program.
  2. This rebate applies only to existing homes, not new construction.
  3. Rebates for Florida Friendly plants will only be paid when permanent irrigation system improvements are also made.
  4. Irrigation rebates can be approved without the installation of Florida Friendly plants.
  5. Rebate is only available to Orlando customers with 50% or more of their irrigated area served by high-volume irrigation components (spray heads and rotors).
  6. Permanent irrigation system improvements must reduce the total irrigated area served by high-volume irrigation components to less than 50% by using low volume irrigation components (such as drip, trickle, subsurface, bubbler, or micro-spray irrigation). For additional information, please visit the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD)
  7. Only Florida Friendly, low-maintenance plants qualify for this rebate.
  8. Permanent irrigation system improvements, as outlined above, must be made in conjunction with new landscaping in order to qualify for this rebate.
  9. For a qualifying list of Florida Friendly plants, visit the Florida Friendly Landscaping.
  10. Florida Friendly Landscaping must have been purchased/installed within six months prior to applying for the rebate.
  11. Documentation to be emailed to conservationsupport@ouc.com.
  12. Provide before and after pictures and/or design plans along with receipts from purchases
  13. A physical inspection of the installed changes will be verified by an irrigation and landscaping professional.
  14. All contractor invoices submitted must have total irrigated area, existing area covered by high-volume irrigation and final area covered by high-volume irrigation.

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