New Home/Construction Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate Form


  1. This rebate is available for standalone EPA WaterSense labeled controllers.  Plug-in or add-on units are not eligible for rebate consideration.  This rebate is only available for OUC potable water customers with in-ground irrigation systems.  Homes/businesses using reclaimed water, or water from a well, lake, pond, etc. for irrigation are not eligible for rebate consideration. Rebate amount does not cover taxes, shipping/handling, or other fees.
  2. Rebate must be claimed within six months of the closing date listed on the OCPAFL’s website
  3. Documentation to be emailed to
  4. Provide a copy of proof of WaterSense certification such as a manufacturer’s brochure or specification sheet, retailer’s product description screenshot, WaterSense certification screenshot, etc..
  5. Picture of the installed controller at your home/business. Please click here for further guidance.

It is highly recommended to provide this to avoid processing delays.
Please enter 10-digit phone number without dashes (5555555555).