What are the benefits of digital electric meters?

For OUC, the digital electric meters provide detailed information without the need for an on-site visit by a traditional meter reader for monthly billing.  Additionally, in many cases, the meters can be outfitted with a remote switch capable, allowing the utility to remotely disconnect and reconnect power after payment or move-in, preventing the need for an on-site visit by an OUC technician.  The meters also provide additional visibility for OUC into outage and voltage information at the location.

For the customer, the digital electric meters provide detailed usage data can that can be accessed online by the account holder after registering for a myOUC account.  Additionally, in cases where the meter is compatible with a remote switch feature, reconnection of electric service after payment typically occurs much faster than it would have been had an OUC field technician been required to drive to the location and perform the reconnection manually.

Lastly, these meters enable OUC to offer the Power Pass (prepaid) program, that includes several unique benefits to both the utility and customer. Click here to learn more about Power Pass.

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