Usage Dashboard

arrow Review your usage patterns to conserve and save money
arrow Daily and hourly data available
arrow Set up email alerts to receive usage notifications

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 Roll over each number to understand your Usage Dashboard.

Usage Dashboard main view
Red line – high temperature for the day
Blue line – low temperature for the day
Green bars – kilowatt-hour (kWh) used per day.
Account Info section – a quick reference that shows your last daily energy usage, your average daily usage, your account number and your status.
Recent Alerts – a quick reference to your most recent alerts

What is the Usage Dashboard?

The Usage Dashboard is a presentation of your consumption trends to help you better understand the days and times you use the most. This will help you better understand your usage patterns and therefore reduce your bill.

The main page of the Usage Dashboard displays your daily electric usage. This screen shows the temperature and electric usage for the past 30 days. Knowing the temperature can help you understand your energy usage. On hotter days, you may need to use more electricity to do things like cool down your house.

To view the Usage Dashboard, simply log into your myOUC Online Profile and click the blue View Usage button in your Account Summary. Be sure to allow pop-ups, as the dashboard will open in a new window.

Usage Dashboard history view

Daily Electric History

This screen shows all temperature, usage and cost data for the past 30 days.

On your dashboard, click the "History" tab to open your electric history. You can change the time period being view by adjusting the date range in the Time Period section.

Usage Dashboard electric hourly view

Hourly Electric Usage

Understanding your consumption on an hourly basis can help you identify the times when you use the most electricity, allowing you to investigate and make informed decisions to reduce your usage and save money.

To access your hourly electric usage, click the History tab. Then click the View Hourly Electric Usage link. You can then review the past seven days’ worth of usage, broken down by hour. Clicking Next Week will allow you to review the usage of previous weeks.

Usage Dashboard water view

Daily Water Usage

If you are an OUC electric customer and also have your water service provided by OUC, you can view your daily water consumption to make more educated decisions about conserving. At this time, hourly usage of water is not available.

To access your water usage, click the History tab. In the Service drop down menu, choose Water or Sewer. Choosing Water shows all of your water services, such as irrigation and reclaimed water. To view only your in-home usage, select Sewer to see how much water is being used in your home.

Usage Dashboard Alerts view


The Usage Dashboard also allows you to set up email alerts when you exceed an energy threshold that you set. This will help alert you when your usage is higher than you’d like it to be.

A good starting alert may be 20 percent more than your average energy use listed in the Account Info box on the main screen. You can also change the time you receive alerts. To set up energy alerts from your Usage Dashboard, click Settings. You can have alerts sent to up to six different email addresses.