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Energy & Water Conservation Audits

Free Home Energy & Water Conservation Audit

Check out OUC's Free Home Energy & Water Audit to find out how efficient your home's energy use is and where you can make improvements to lower your utility bills.

In-Home Conservation Audits Suspended: Since March 2020, due to COVID-19, OUC has been performing modified energy and water audits for our customers.  A modified audit means that for the safety of our customers and employees, our Conservation Specialists are not entering any customer’s home.  For a majority of customers, we will continue to visit the property but remain outside where we can survey the meter and other equipment.  We will also review consumption trends and savings recommendations at a safe distance while wearing a mask.  If needed, we can utilize video call tools to obtain further information from the customer inside of the home.  

The only instance where our auditors cannot visit the property is for locations served by chilled water for cooling, since the meters and all relevant equipment are located inside of the apartment/condo.  For these customers, we are able to perform a phone or virtual audit in order to review consumption and savings recommendations.

Ways to Get Started:

Learn About High Bill Solutions
This page includes reasons why you may see an increase in costs, as well as some ways you and your family can work together to keep your usage and bill at bay.

Schedule Audit via Phone
Call 407-423-9018 to speak with Customer Service Representative and schedule your Free Residential Energy and/or Water Modified Audit.

Request Audit via Webform
Click here to fill out the inquiry form and a Customer Service Representative will call you to schedule your Free Residential Energy and/or Water Modified Audit.

Our experts can help you understand your consumption, as well as show you how to reduce your utility bill.  A trained conservation specialist will perform a walk-through audit of your home in order to identify any potential opportunities to reduce your electric and/or water consumption.  In addition to reviewing your consumption information, during the audit we'll check the following items:

  • For OUC electric customers: Attic insulation and central air-conditioning ducts (single-family homes only), A/C system filters, window caulking, weather stripping around doors, and hot water temperature.
  • For OUC water customers: Toilets, faucets, irrigation timers and systems.

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