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Budget Billing

OUC’s Budget Billing helps customers avoid unpredictable bills by evening out payments over the year. This free service lets customers plan their monthly payments and keep their budgets balanced.

As a Budget Billing customer, you will receive a monthly bill that details:

  • Your actual meter readings and consumption
  • Your actual bill amount based on your account's consumption
  • Your fixed Budget Billing amount
  • The budget deferred balance, which is the difference between your actual bill and your Budget Billing amounts
  • A bill message advising of any additional charges that may be due along with your budgeted amount

How it works:

Your monthly fixed Budget Bill amount is based on the average of your actual utility bills during the last 12 months, including electric and/or water, solid waste, waste water and taxes.* An additional percentage, at the discretion of OUC, will be added to the amount to prevent the deferred balance from growing too large.

 * Note: If you do not have 12 months of consumption history at your location, the calculation will be based on the history available for a minimum six-month period.

Additional charges, adjustments and financed installments are not part of the Budget Billing plan and appear as separate line items on your bill. These charges are in addition to the Budget Billing amount.

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