OUConvenient Lighting and OUCooling

OUConvenient Lighting & OUCooling

Outdoor Lighting Solutions From OUConvenient Lighting

For more than 100 years, OUC has been providing reliable power to light up Orlando. Now we're taking our commitment to reliability even further with OUConvenient Lighting.

OUConvenient Lighting provides complete outdoor lighting solutions for a wide spectrum of commercial applications - from industrial parks to sports complexes to residential developments. To build a system that's just right for you, OUConvenient Lighting customizes your services, allowing you to choose from dozens of fixture/pole combinations.

OUConvenient Lighting can even retrofit your existing fixtures to new light sources or higher-output units. We also can provide preventive and corrective maintenance.

Of course, OUConvenient Lighting creates financial advantages for you, too. Because we handle all up-front costs, developers can use the capital they would have spent on fixtures, poles, and related equipment for other expenditures.

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OUCooling District Energy Services - A Hot New Way to Keep Cool

Thanks to OUCooling, building owners are enjoying lower A/C-related electric charges while also reducing their capital and operational costs, too. This innovative, reliable service enables commercial property owners to outsource the production of chilled water for their air-conditioning needs.

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