OUC Water Quality

OUC Water Quality

OUC Water Services - Using Ozone To Produce Great-Tasting Water

OUC uses an advanced ozone treatment process to produce its great-tasting tap water - proudly called H2OUC.

Ozone offers several advantages. As a strong oxidant, ozone removes hydrogen sulfide (a naturally occurring compound that can create an unpleasant taste and odor) and leaves the water with a fresh taste and sparkling appearance. As a powerful disinfectant, ozone greatly reduces the amount of chlorine we have to add to the water, which improves the taste even more.

To prove that H2OUC is of exceptional quality, we compared our water-quality test results with those of four popular bottled brands. As we expected, OUC's water met or surpassed the bottled brands in virtually every aspect.

Most important of all, our customers are happier with their water, according to a survey conducted by an independent research firm. Of the respondents who said they noticed a change in the quality of OUC water, most (76 percent) cited improvements in taste.

Facts About H2OUC

OUC provides water service to residents and businesses within the City of Orlando and portions of Orange County.

Water provided by OUC is drawn from the lower Floridan Aquifer and meets or exceeds all standards set by the Safe Drinking Water Act.

H2OUC Water Statistics
Residential Services
Commercial/Industrial Services
Irrigation Services
Service Area 200 square miles
Population Served > 455,000
Water Treatment Plants 7
Active Deep Wells  31
Miles of Pipe 1,874 miles
Annual Consumption > 30 billion gallons

For More Information

To learn more about H2OUC, visit our OUC Water Services FAQ. To learn how you can save water at home and on the job, visit OUC's online Knowledge Center for conservation tips.