Transmission Towers & Substations FAQs

Can Contractor’s place a construction Lien on OUC facilities?
OUC property/facilities cannot be liened since OUC is a municipal entity.

Who applies for the permit to begin construction?
Contractor performing the work, not OUC.

What happens if I requested a standby and my subcontractor doesn’t show up?
You will be billed for the standby time, whether or not you or your contractor show up.  

Do I need an easement to run conduits to the OUC leased ground space area?
Yes and No. Where OUC is not the underlying property owner, yes, some type of arrangement will be needed with that property owner (with OUC approval that such an agreement does not interfere with OUC’s rights). On OUC fee-owned property, No, OUC allows for this.

Is OUC required to lease aerial tower space to companies requesting an attachment?
No. OUC’s primary function is a utility, not a vertical real estate company.

Is the structural requirement necessary for any change in attachments?
Yes, a structural conditional assessment is required for any change in attachments to the OUC structure.

What needs to be included with a structural conditional assessment?

An assessment should typically include the following items:

  • Plans showing existing and proposed facilities, with a surveyed map showing the existing ground lease area.
  • A copy of the current license agreement.
  • Condition assessment of the foundation.
  • Soil borings.

Structure/tower structural analysis (with largest wire size used by OUC shown in all conductor positions, typical wind loading to 120 mph with 1.2 safety factor) showing the differences between the existing state and the proposed.  In some cases, the structural analysis will be required to be studied with the existing AND proposed facilities attached.

Tower mapping conditional assessment.

Do I need to get OUC approval to modify the types of equipment in my ground leased area?
No, as long as you are able to keep you’re existing and proposed equipment all within the approved leased area. OUC does encourage you to communicate any changes to your facilities with the OUC contracts group.

What deliverables are required upon completion of any work on an OUC structure or property?
A construction close-out package from the inspecting entity.  As-built survey of the immediate property showing the ground lease area, and the facilities within it.  As-built information showing any/all attachments to the OUC structure. 

What is the maximum percent loading of a structure, or one of its components, allowed by OUC?
Although, industry practices allow for structural components to be loaded to 105%, OUC reserves all structure capabilities above 95% for its own usage.  Any component showing 95% or greater shall be replaced with an appropriately sized piece to bring the loading of that component below the 95% value. OUC reserves the right to require the replacement of the entire structure, if it deems that replacement is the best course of structural reliability.

Who do I contact to initiate a joint use request? 

Use the Joint Use contact form.

How much does each attachment cost?
Please refer to the fee structure document.