Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality Analysis

Protecting Your Sensitive Business Equipment

Reliable power is important to OUC and we take pride in delivering electricity at appropriate voltage levels to sustain the highest level of operational efficiency. Even so, power quality problems do occur sometimes. Such disturbances in the power supply can adversely affect sensitive electronic devices, motors, processing operations, and HVAC equipment. Quite simply, computers can lose memory and electrical equipment can sustain permanent damage if not properly protected. With electronic equipment now being used in virtually every aspect of business operations, higher standards of power quality have become a necessity.

What Causes Power Problems?

Power quality is a major concern for today's businesses. Most problems occur because of inadequately protected electronic equipment that sends electrical noise through the system, improper wiring or grounding, or imbalanced loads. Five general categories of power irregularities include:

  • Over-voltage
  • Under-voltage
  • Outages
  • Electric Noise
  • Harmonic Distortion

How Can OUC Help?

To keep voltages within acceptable limits, customers use surge protection devices, lightning arresters, and UPS equipment. But in most cases, those measures aren't enough to ensure the highest possible power quality. That's why OUC offers a Power Quality Analysis program, conducted by trained and experienced service personnel who can help you isolate the problem and find the appropriate solution. The goals of this program include:

  • Making the maximum effort to solve power quality problems through monitoring and interpretive analysis
  • Identifying solutions that will lead to corrective action
  • Providing ongoing follow-up to monitor results

For More Information

For more information on how this program can save you money, simply call an OUC account representative at 407-423-9018 or email your inquiry to us.