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    Simplify Fleet Electrification

    OUC is here to connect your business with electrification solutions. Our Fleet Electrification Program will help you develop an electrification strategy fit for your specific needs. Once you’ve decided to go electric, our team will guide you through the procurement process and determine the best approach for ordering and deploying EVs.


    webinarOUC in partnership with the Electrification Coalition are hosting a series of webinars and in-person workshops focused on fleet electrification. Topics include:

    • Best fit vehicles for fleet electrification 
    • Funding Opportunities
    • Charging siting and planning 
    • Utility coordination and electrical load management 
    • Procurement and leasing options 
    • Route logistics planning 
    • Maintenance, workforce development, and driver training 

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    interfaceOUC and the Electrification Coalition are here to help you make informed decisions on electrification. We will analyze your current fleet and identify opportunities for electrification within minutes. This analysis also provides direct comparisons of gas to EVs, including purchase prices, federal and state incentives, infrastructure costs and more.

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    rideOUC and the Electrification Coalition will host a dedicated fleet EV Ride & Drive event in November 2023 highlighting electric vehicle, charging and other service providers including:

    • Light, Medium, and Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle OEMs
    • Electric Vehicle Up-fitters (e.g. Retrofit EV drivetrain installation, other aftermarket modifications, etc.)
    • EVSE Charging Manufacturers
    • Charging Software/Load Management Service Providers
    • Telematics and Fleet Analysis Companies
    • Other Fleet and Charging-aligned Companies and Organizations

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    OUC Fleet Electrification Program Webinars

    OUC's Fleet Electrification Ride and Drive Event


    We are bringing together a wide variety of fleet-focused electric vehicles, charging equipment, and service providers. Join OUC at Suntrax by submitting an RSVP to an event and come test drive with us and experience how EVs can work for you!

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    (automobiles, passenger vans < 8 people)
    (box trucks, delivery vans, flatbed trucks and larger)
    Where is your company in its electrification journey?

    Please note, each attendee should fill out the RSVP form to attend the event.