Why Electric?


Save Money
Lower fuel and maintenance costs.
Say goodbye to oil changes and brake maintenance is rarely required.
OUC, dealer and manufacturer discounts.  


Make a Difference
Zero emissions means reducing your carbon footprint.  


Drive a Better Car
Better performance, more torque.
Quieter inside & out. No vibration, smoother ride.  


Convenient Charging
Charge at home or at more than 300 charging stations around town.  


Go Farther Than You Think
Drive an average of 275 miles with a modern EV and
some can go up to 450 miles before you need to stop and charge.  


Types of Charging Stations

There are a few levels of charging for EVs: Level 1, Level 2 and DC Fast Charger

Level 1 - 120-Volt DC (16 amps)
Similar to a toaster

  • Adds 2.5 miles of range every hour
  • Full Charge: 8-10 hours
  • Uses a standard 3-prong outlet with SAEJ1772 connector



Level 2 - 240-Volt DC (up to 80 amps)
Similar to an electric clothes dryer

  • Adds 10-20 miles of range every hour
  • Full Charge: 2-3 hours
  • Uses a 3- or 4-prong outlet with SAEJ1772 connector



DC Fast Charger - 480-Volt DC (100 amps)
Similar to an air conditioner

  • Adds 60-80 miles in a range of 20 minutes
  • Full Charge: 1/2 -1 hour
  • Uses a 4-prong outlet with SAEJ1772 connector or CHAde Mode connectors


Find a Charging Station Near You    Download OUC’s Electric Vehicle Home Charging 101 Guide

EV Ride-Along Video Series

Check out these fun, educational videos to learn more about everything EVs have to offer. You can hear personal experiences from real EV owners and learn how OUC and the City of Orlando are making the Central Florida a hub for electrification.

Mayor Dyer Goes Electric

Ride along with City of Orlando’s Mayor Buddy Dyer as he explains the benefits of EVs and charging infrastructure in Downtown Orlando.

Electrifying Orlando

Are you looking into going electric? Watch real EV owners share their personal experiences and learn how EV’s are electrifying the Central Florida area.

Life with an EV | EV Myths DEBUNKED

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Life with an EV | How to Charge

Watch a real EV owner share his favorite things about his EV and the charging process!

Life with an EV | EV Fun Facts

Ready to learn more about EVs? Watch a real EV owner share 5 fun facts about electric vehicles!

Partnership in Motion | Electrify Orlando

Learn how OUC and the City of Orlando created a powerful partnership to advance EV infrastructure.

Things to Consider Before Going Electric

Ready to buy an EV? Watch a real EV owner share things you should consider before going electric!

OUC's Robinson ReCharge Mobility Hub

Downtown Orlando's go-to spot for convenient and lightning-fast EV charging.


Incentives for OUC Electric Customers

Earn and save money with these EV deals.

Test Drive an EV and Earn $50!

Visit an eligible dealership to test drive an EV and receive a $50 gift card! Get more details and find a participating dealer.

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Save $200 with an OUC Rebate!

OUC customers are eligible to receive a $200 rebate after purchasing or leasing a plug-in electric vehicle.  A rebate application must be submitted within six months of your EV purchase/lease date along with the proof of purchase. The OUC customer and/or authorized person’s name must be on the proof of purchase.

Apply for Rebate   

Types of Plug-In Vehicles

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)

A Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle is similar to conventional hybrids, but has a
larger battery that can be plugged into an electric outlet. PHEVs are usually
designed with an electric-only range of 10 to 40 miles, blended with a
gasoline engine to achieve higher speeds and loads. After the electric-only
range is exceeded, the vehicle continues to operate as a hybrid vehicle
using a gasoline engine or generator.


All-Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)

A typical All-Battery Electric Vehicle is powered entirely by electricity from
the utility grid. BEVs currently have a range of 80 to 120 miles or more.

Download OUC's 2021 Buyer's Guide