Holi-Dos and Holi-Don'ts. Safety Doesn't Take a Holiday
Holi-Don't. Don't overload the powerstrips.
Holi-Do. Do use energy efficient LED lights
Holi-Don't. Don't leave decorations on all night
Holi-Do. Do properly secure inflatable lawn ornaments
Holi-Do. Do replace frayed light strands.
Holi-Don't. Don't allow fingers or paws near electrical decorations
Holi-Do. Do use indoor lights inside and outdoor lights outside.
Holi-Do. Do keep space heaters at least 3' from bedding, clothing, draperies and rugs. Don't use near water or flammable liquids.
Holi-Don't. Don't open the oven door to check on cooking food. Do use the oven light instead.
Holi-Do. Do turn off electric blankets before falling asleep.
Holi-Do. Do use open flames on solid surfaces and away from flammable items.