Exclamation mark  ATTENTION: To reduce demand for liquid oxygen, OUC asks water customers without reclaimed water systems to immediately limit irrigating their lawns, and all customers to limit washing vehicles and performing non-critical activities like pressure washing. Learn more.
Power Lines Storm Damage

Report an Outage or Problem

Report via Text
Use your mobile device to text OUT to 69682 (myOUC). You'll receive updates via text about the outage cause and estimated time of restoration.

Report via Phone
Use our 24-hour outage reporting line by calling 407-423-9018.

Report Online
Log In to your account to report your outage or service problem.

Additional Information About Outages & Problems

Electric Issues
Wire Down
A downed wire that is sparking, smoking or burning is a hazardous condition. Please call 911.

If you see a downed wire (that is not sparking, smoking or burning) and have not lost power but have instead lost cable or phone service, then please call your cable or telephone service provider. If you are unsure, stay away from the wire.

Loss of Power
If only some of the lights are out, take a look at individual breakers and see if any need to be reset.

Owner responsibility: Any breaks to the meter base or weatherhead are the responsibility of the property owner. If you suspect a problem with either of these, you need a qualified electrician. Click here for a list of OUC Preferred Contractors.

Water Issues
If you suspect a broken line or a leak, you may need to turn off the house valve or close the shut off valve at the water meter to make repairs.

If you have low pressure or no water at all, check to see if the house valve is all the way open and the shut off valve at the water meter is open. OUC is responsible for the water mains and service lines up to and including the water meter.

Owner responsibility: Any leaks or breaks on the house line going from the meter to the structure including irrigation systems, backflow devices, outside hose connections and internal plumbing are the responsibility of the property owner. If you suspect a problem with any of these, you may want to contact a qualified plumber or advanced leak detection specialist. Click here for a list of OUC Preferred Contractors in these categories.