Refundable Cost in Aid of Construction (Per Lot Fee)
Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Per Lot Fee for?
This $580 per lot fee helps cover the upfront costs of electric infrastructure installations in new residential developments.

What’s the difference between this Per Lot Fee vs a regular Cost in Aid of Construction (CIAC)?
This per lot fee is refundable if certain conditions are met.  The regular CIAC is non-refundable and covers the costs for requested underground distribution facilities or extended distribution, which is deemed not beneficial to the overall system.

What type of payment is acceptable?
Check, ACH, wire transfer, and surety bond.

How does a customer apply for a surety bond?
A list of eligible surety bond agencies will be provided. Once OUC Development Services receives a completed surety bond application from the customer or the surety bond provider, the account will be updated to reflect that the payment has been satisfied and materials for the project will be ordered.

Do I have to pay the full amount?
Payment upfront is required for the number of residential lots within a development phase or for entire project.

When is the fee refundable?
The fee is refundable if the project has permanent active meters on at least 75% of the completed lots within three years.  It’s the customer’s responsibility to contact OUC to request a refund of their CIAC payment.

Are non-profit organizations exempt?
No. All customers are required to pay this fee.

When does the three-year period start? 
Once OUC completes installation of electric equipment, you will receive notification that the three-year period has started. OUC will notify via email or phone.

Can the project be constructed in phases?
Yes, an engineer will work with you on your construction plan and costs associated with each phase.