Portable Water Meter Terms & Conditions

In order to process your portable water meter request, please read the below information, acknowledge that you have read to the terms & conditions, complete the form on the next page and email it to commercialsvcs@ouc.com or fax it to 407-423-9129. Orders will be reviewed and processed within 2-3 business days upon receipt.

An OUC account is required to receive a Portable Water Meter. An account can be established in a business or personal name. Business accounts are required to be registered with the Florida Division of Corporations.

OUC portable water meters can only be utilized within the OUC water service territory. OUC water territory is defined by silver barrel (body) and blue cap painted hydrants. 

Review the meter information below to determine the appropriate meter needed:

Hydrant Meter - 2” Portable Meter (Output: 250gpm). Hydrant Meters are pre-mounted on a dolly. Usage for any application where water is needed. Most customers prefer this meter. 

Water Truck Meter - 2” Truck Mounted Meter (Output: 250gpm). Permanently installed on large tanker trucks.

You are required to install the meter on the truck, and install an approved air gap backflow prevention device. See below for air gap specifications. The truck must be brought back to OUC within 15 days for inspection.

1” Meter - 1” Small Portable Meter (Output: 40gpm). Must connect to OUC hydrant.  Mostly for small pressure washers and comes with two garden hose spigots.


A refundable security deposit of $2000 (per meter) will need to be paid within 24 hours of receiving the confirmation from Commercial Service. The full deposit payment must reflect on your OUC account prior to picking up the meter from the Water Meter Shop. The deposit will be applied to your last bill after the portable water meter is returned to OUC.  Any remaining credit balance will be refunded within 4 to 6 weeks from the final billing.

The Service Initiation Charge of $90 per meter will be charged on your first bill.

Submission of Monthly Reads:

You must go online at www.ouc.com/portablemeter to report your monthly portable water meter readings. Meter readings must be reported online between the 20th and 25th of each month for billing. Failure to report meter readings each month will result in a non-refundable charge of $140.

Annual Inspection:

All portable meters are required to have an annual inspection completed by OUC. OUC will send a letter prior to your due date for annual inspection. To schedule your inspection please call 407-423-9100 x40919. Failure to report for yearly inspection is considered a violation of FDEP Rule #62-555.360 and is subject to a non-refundable penalty of $140.

Approved Air Gap for Water Truck Mounted Meters:

Approved Air Gap

Damages, Tampering, or Lost Meter:

If any damage or tampering occurs to OUC’s portable meter a minimum charge of $130 will be applied to the next bill.

If the meter is lost or stolen please report it to OUC Commercial Services as soon as possible. The charge is $2000 and will be applied to the next bill.

Picking Up Your Meter:

Before arriving at the Gardenia Water Meter Shop to pick up your meter ensure that your deposit has been paid and you have a suitable vehicle to transport the meter. Bring a copy of your email confirmation letter with the completed request form and a valid government issued identification to the OUC Water Meter Shop for meter pickup. Meter must be picked up within 10 business days of this confirmation.

Please review instructions in the brochure on Operation & Installation for Portable Meter Assemblies to learn how to safely secure, transport, install and shut down your Portable Water Meter.

Click here to view the Portable Water Meter Brochure

If you have any questions, please call Commercial Customer Service at 407-423-9018.